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Welcome to Vero Beach Aikido & Self Defense

We are dedicated and committed to the highest standards in the martial arts. In addition to teaching Aikido, Goshin Jitsu, Jodo and Self-Defense, our instruction will increase self-confidence, reduce stress, and improve fitness. Our certified instructors emphasize effective, efficient and practical self-defense techniques while maintaining a safe, positive and traditional learning environment. There are no tournaments or competitions in Aikido. Instead, Aikido emphasizes personal and mental development as well as street effectiveness.

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a responsive martial art in which the practitioner uses off-balances and an attacker's own strength and momentum to gain control of the attacker rather than attempting specific techniques.  Aikido can be easily and effectively practiced by people of almost any age or size and often despite physical limitations and still be highly effective.

There are many different styles of aikido, some of which you can find here in Vero Beach.  The style we teach is based on Tomiki-Ryu Aikido.  This differs from most Aikido styles primarily by the use of forms, or kata.  Most Aikido styles learn each technique independently rather in a set pattern or kata.  This kata teaching gives you real world application from the start and not having to wait years to be able to apply it in your real life.

What is Goshin-Jutsu?

Goshin-Jutsu is a Self Defense Program that incorporates techniques from Aikido, Judo and other Martial Arts through the influence of Kenji Tomiki. We teach 21 basic techniques to defend against: unarmed attack, attack with a knife, with a stick, and with a gun. One technique, per class is taught on an ongoing schedule that allows new students to join anytime.

Is Aikido and Self Defense Training Safe?

If you practice any martial art, expect to be injured. All martial art practitioners at some point experience injury from very minor to severe. Obviously, Aikido contains a level of risk. Still, care is taken to see that safety is first; that people work within their limits, and that people train the proper skills they need before progressing. No aggressive behavior is tolerated and egos are checked at the door.  With safe training comes safe practice and mutual benefit to and enjoyment by all.

What to Wear?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Be sure that it can withstand some tugging and pulling. Do not wear shoes, socks, metal objects (such as barrettes or watches) or jewelry. If you have long hair, it is highly advisable that you keep it pulled back with some type of soft band. Maintain good personal hygiene too.

If you are going to dedicate any amount of serious time to studying Aikido, you should obtain a Gi (uniform). You are required to have and wear a Gi by the time you reach yellow belt (20 hours-3 months).

One of the unique aspects of Aikido is its employment by a wide array of professionals who do not need to destroy the attacker, but simply to eliminate the attack.  Because of Aikido's code principle of non-aggression, you will find it being taught widely to many groups.  Aikido can be found being taught to teachers, women's groups, police academies and the way up to military personnel. 

One of the difficulties of defending yourself is determining what severity of response to employ against a given attack.  In Aikido, you learn that even a subtle change is posture could ward off aggression; contrary to a fighting response and striking a defensive stance and escalating the conflict. Students in Aikido are taught how to determine the proper course of action.  In the perfect world, Aikido is the art of "fighting without the fight".

Monthly Dojo Fee Schedule:

Since this is not our business, but our passion; we make every attempt to provide a quality and affordable program.

$25.00 Monthly if you live in the City
$30.00 Monthly if you live in the County
$10.00 if you are already a member of Vero Beach Leisure Square

Additional Dojo Fee: $10.00 per month paid by all students

If you wish, you can choose "pay as you come" and pay a Daily Mat Fee of $5.00

Ranking fees are separate and can be found on the Rank & Technical Requirements Form.

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